Struggle and Success

Jeremy and Joshua Davis founded the Other Side Media Group, a non-profit media organization, in 1999. They founded the media group to promote awareness for social causes, be it an organization or an individual..They have produced local radio, television, videos, special events and have had everyone they want on their show, which has included Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and former Prime Minister Stephen Harper. One of their fondest memories was having dinner with the late Princess Diana and Prince Charles..”I don’t look at myself as disabled. I don’t focus on the wheelchair. My identical twin brother Joshua and I were both born three months premature, and the doctors had no hope that we would survive, and I would like to think that from that point the fighting spirit was born,” says Jeremy..Apart from being born a premature child, Jeremy also has cerebral palsy and he feels that when people hear that term, they often come up with preconceived ideas if they don’t know what it is. He feels that sometimes people who have a disability have to prove themselves three or four times harder before they can see any substantial breakthrough..From the time Jeremy can remember, he has always had a distinct passion for media and communication. He says he loves people and wants to learn and experience their story and build a relationship and friendship with everyone he meets..He remembers when he was eight and should have been in bed, he would instead end up watching the late night talk shows with Johnny Carson at that time and even though it was a different platform, it was still reaching into somebody’s life in that way and he knew that that is what he wanted to do..Jeremy comes from a blue collar family. His dad used to work in manufacturing and his mother is a retired nurse. He believes that his family always instilled values of persistence and determination in him and his brother, and they wouldn’t be where they are right now without the constant support of his family..”Our use of a wheelchair, and just because we are sitting in it, doesn’t define us – who we are or what we are capable of doing. There needs to be global understanding of the fact that just because you may use a mobility device or have any other kind of disability, it doesn’t limit you in your potential,” says Jeremy..He believes that the only barriers that truly exist in our society are the ones we put around ourselves. He wants to urge people to stop and realize collectively that everyone can reach and achieve whatever they want to do of they work long enough and believe in themselves..One of Jeremy’s lifelong goals is not only to leave the world in a better shape for future generations, but also during the time he is alive, he wants to make an impact and difference for the everyday person. He says that sometimes one can see the results of the change one os trying to bring, but sometimes one can’t, but that is what both he and his brother are trying to do.
The relationship that Jeremy and Joshua share is more than just being identical twins. They are business partners and constantly have each other’s back.
A few years back, in 2001, Joshua was admitted to the hospital and the family did not know whether he was going to make it. During that time, Jeremy knew that one of Joshua’s lifelong goals was to be an author, because he loved writing poems.
So he took all the poems that Joshua had written and published a book. Since the, Joshua authored a series of poems called Words of hope and Jeremy has been the publisher. They work together in all aspects of their lives and are each other’s biggest support system.
“We are united because of the fact that we are twins and that is a great blessing for me. It has been an amazing experience co-hosting the radio show and working with Jeremy,” says Joshua.
Jeremy says that his brain never turns off, and that he likes to work through the day. He has run for political office several office at the local level and feels that a lot of people feel that he is only looking to help people woth a disability.
“That is a big aspect and people need to be made aware of that. However, that is just one segment of my life. Everybody is equally important and I have always wanted to make a difference in every way possible for everyone,” says Jeremy.
He feels that he has had a very blessed life and believes that one should always stay positive. He is thinking of either writing a book or making a documentary next, along with continuing to work for the people of Belleville.

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