A life dedicated to karate

Sensei Kenzo Dozono (Hanshi), 72, has been actively training in karate for the past 68 years. Apart from teaching karate in Belleville since 1969, Dozono is also the technical director and president of Shotokan Karate Do International Federation in Canada.
Dozono’s childhood framed his way into karate training. He is currently an eighth-degree black belt holder.
He was born a premature child and his body was very weak. After three months, a doctor told his parents that he was not going to survive.
All the people from the village in Japan that Dozono was born in, donated blood for a blood transfusion that he had to go through and he survived. He recalls not being able to walk until he was three years old.
When Dozono was four, his father, after consulting with a friend, ushered Dozono into karate because this martial arts form only built inner strength and did not require any equipment and he didn’t have to physically hold anything.
“My karate training started from cleaning floors. In Japan, we don’t use brooms. We just physically push on the floor.
“That was good training for strengthening my legs. After a few years I became much more active. I started running, swimming, everything, because of better physical condition. Then I just kept it going,” says Dozono.

Dozono’s purpose of living is being in good health and good shape. He believes that our bodies are the most precious gifts from God and that they need to be treated well. And to be in good health and shape, Dozono believes, that one needs to be able to eat well, drink well, enjoy our lives and most importantly, be happy.
“Happiness comes from feeling lively. The lively feeling comes from being in good shape. I travel all over the world. I know that good health is more important than anything else; If you cannot walk, run or breathe properly, you cannot enjoy your life,”says Dozono.
As a sensei, Dozono aims to guide his students in whatever they wish to do. He believes that if students do their best, they can achieve. He wants to convince young people and adults, ‘‘with young hearts,” that everyone has a potential. He hopes they discover their potential and in the end realize, that they are much better than they think. 

Apart from teaching, Dozono is the technical director of SKIF, Canada. He is currently working towards finding candidates for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. He feels that the competition is going to be fierce because selection will be done according to blocks, for instance — North America, Asia, Europe; because of the low number of categories — four each, under men’s and women’s. That means the competitor in Canada will have to be chosen through the bigger group — North America.
“My purpose is to give them hard work and determination. Desire is very important. Desire must be supported by determination and that determination by hard work,” says Dozono.

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